About us

Hukano is a software development company specializing in the Microsoft .NET framework.

The companys main product is called Sundew, an application framework developed on top of the Microsoft .NET framework and it is the result of more a than two years of experience with the technology.

Our mision is to enable development of high quality applications across all Microsoft platforms (WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone 7/8 and Windows RT (8)). The Sundew solution features three significant concepts in implementing highly testable applications (And thus high quiality).
1. All APIs are extremely decoupled from the underlying framework providing good unit test capabilities.
2. Support for an extremely thin GUI layer, which means that a much larger amount of the code is unit testable.
3. The Sundew.Testing.dll provides the possibility to easily create coded tests independent of the GUI. (More news on this will follow.)

Sundew also enhances collaboration between designers and developers, working side by side in Expression Blend and Visual Studio.

Hukano utilizes agile development methods in the development process.
  • Iterative development, releasing a new version by the end of each sprint.
  • Continuous Integration, with a nearly automated release process, including tests.
  • Unit testing and automated coded GUI testing for quality assurance.(Without record-replay and GUI independent)


21 jul 13: Release of v. 1.14, WinRT support, CollectionView for all platforms, Validation engine with async support, Cross platform navigation and more

14 jun 12: Release of v. 1.12, Improvements to dependency injection, Mvvm, Navigation, WeakEvents, new bootstrapping API

15 dec 11: Release of v. 1.11, dependency injection factory and generic support.

29. sep. 11: Release of v. 1.10, new Navigation API, improved dependency injection.

03. apr. 11: Release of v. 1.9, new command engine, unified validation engine, dependency injection.

04. oct. 10: Release of v. 1.8, Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 support.

31. juli. 10: Release of v. 1.7, with experimental support for Silverlight

30. june. 10: Release of v. 1.6, with improved testing capabilities and light viewmodel API

30. may. 10: Release of v. 1.5, now with reusable command parts and improved Unit Of Work

30. apr. 10: Release of v. 1.3, now with source samples from test project.

16. feb. 10: Sundew preview is released.
Visit the Info page for downloads and more.

08. feb. 10: Hukano releases Getting Started Guide for Sundew. Beta coming soon.

Q1 2010: Hukano is preparing the launch of application framework named Sundew.

October 2009: Hukano is registered as a company.